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To be formed like film which is superior in water vapour resistance, water resistance, weather resistance and good performance as anti-corrosive paint. Because its’ shape likes film after drying, it is easily peeled off. Beside rust prevention and protection of the metal products, it is able to use as multipurpose such as protection during the electric discharge.

Feature Ingredients Regulation

・Formation of film excellent in moisture resistance, water resistance and weather resistance
・Excellent adhesion
・ Excellent impact resistance, bendability and electrical insulation
・ Spray type
・ Film removal is easy to peel

Synthetic resin lacquer paint



Before After

UreccoatN CLEAR

One-part reaction curing acrylic polyurethane spray

Feature Ingredients Regulation

・Excellent durability, weather resistance, adhesion and rust prevention
・ One-part aerosol type

Moisture-curing one-pack urethane paint